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>> i hope everybody can get through what they're going to have to go through here. i know it is not going to be easy for anyone. >> just before 6:00 p.m. sunday on this quiet place between marlee and for it -- for his creek,ç 46 year-old rick hinson was killed when it collided with the vote of 42-year-old john martin. one witness helped rescue john martin and his 13-year-old daughter when they were clinging to the whole of his boat. >> i got them and took them over to the boat that was unmanned. he * did and he jumped off and stop the boat. the guy was dead. >> maryland police confirmed that hynson died of his injuries at the scene. the martens refuse medical treatment.
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the two boats are going -- are being analyzed for forensic evidence. >> we're looking for evidence of what action operators to prior to impact. >> sources tell us that hynson's sun is serving overseas. blood alcohol testing was conducted on each operator. >> tonight, police are looking for to development that rocket woman at a drive to atm. -- for two men that robbed a woman at a drive-through atm. two men approached the vehicle, display a weapon and demanded money. she later called police. kutz denied to baltimore city
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police are looking into a weekend shooting in northeast baltimore had a 30 p.m. last night. someone started shooting at the intersection of harvard and old harford road. the unidentified victim was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. and police said a man and woman were shot at the 1000 block of 36th street just after 11:00 p.m. saturday night. both were taken to hospital with what were considered to be non- life threatening injuries. no word on a motive or suspects. >> prosecutors are rejecting claims that they abused the grand jury process in the indictment of sheila dixon. a response to a motion has been filed concerning subpoenas that were issued back in january. ross says those subpoenas were issued to gather evidence for a new indictment against the mayor. dickson is expect -- is accused of stealing gift cards needed
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for needy families. >> quite a bit of sunshine around the baltimore area for most of the state. the sun is breaking out. the rain it is continuing to the door across parts of the lower shore and the virginia eastern shore as -- but at high pressure comes in from the west is all starting to move out of the picture. 74 in downtown baltimore. as high pressure strengthens across the region, skies will be mostly clear tonight. ranging through the 50's with a light north wind. 53 degrees is the those that back in 1963. we could see temperatures near that record low tonight and tomorrow night. and we will check the complete
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forecast in just a bit. >> the first day of school is now in the record books for thousands of baltimore area students. today was an historic one for students at one baltimore city high school. >> we are so excited about this undertaking. >> done our students helped to write the final chapter of the school's two-year $32 million renovation project. there were joined on the steps the school by a number of high- profile guests with words of wisdom and hope. >> take advantage of the spirit of the people who went through this schools that you can succeed and achieve whatever it is in life that you want to do. >> dunbar now sits in the shadow of johns hopkins hospital. it helped to inspire one of its well-known doctors. >> i used to hear about johns hopkins when i was a young boy
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growing up in detroit because i was always interested in doing anything that to do with medicine. i even like to point to the doctor's offkc9$(lc@&c+ >> 3, 2, 1! >> done our students got a look for the first time into the building -- dunbar students got their first look into the building. >> i am very excited. >> the question people may be asking is, what is the likelihood of the state having to pay for another project similar to the one year at dunbar? the governor says that will depend in part on a turnaround of maryland's economy. >> we have made a lot of progress, even in tough times and will make greater progress in the future. that progress will be greater as soon as we come out of this downturn. >> meanwhile, with the dunbar project completed, turning their attention -- they are turning their attention to some other schools that could use some
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help. >> it is all about 3 cups and it is all great to celebrate a brand new school, but -- is all about trading at and it's great to submit a new school, but we may need air-conditioning. -- to celebrate a new school, but we need air conditioning. >> outside park tel high is clear. parents and students have different opinions about going back to school. >> i do not want to go back. " so excited. i'm ready. time to go back. -- >> i am so excited. >> would rather be doing outside -- right now? >> lehna outside, or sleeping. >> all 172 schools open monday.
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egland more elementary school in river county had officials on hand to greet students and teachers. in baltimore county, that pushes for more technology in the classroom. jessup the guy at the first digital classroom and at glen mark, each day starts like this. -- chesapeake high as the first is a classroom and at glen mark, each day starts like this. >> an operation to be quite proud of. >> we have to reach our children where they are, not where we were. >> getting down to the basics -- remembering how to follow direction and getting back into their routine. >> i think you are doing a fine job in first grade. what are you supposed to color? he is doing a fine job. >> students in howard county also went back to class today.
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we saw some excited and nervous students and parents this morning. most parents say they're happy their kids are back in school. >> we will see how the report comes home after school today. he was nervous. even though i was not in school -- i am not in school anymore i have the birthday butterflies as well. >> it was time to come back and learn and stop hanging around at the pool and riding bikes all day. this time to get back to normal. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year. >> inouye principal this year says she is also excited about the new school year. -- a new principals says she is also excited about the new school year. for help balancing your studies and extracurricular activities, go to our website under education. >> the largest, but not the most
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destructive fire burning in california is now more under control. the dubious fire has 60 structures burned and two firefighters are dead. >> the attack continues from the air and on the ground. >> it is like a war zone. >> but after six days, the army of firefighters working around the clock is still losing the war against mother nature. >> there are no opportunities to go in there and draw a line to stop this fire. we're trying to contain it as best we can, but the thought -- the fire is burning wherever it wants to go. >> what some of the most graphic evidence that the fire is in full control is here. fire and ashes were just yesterday there was a community. >> it looks like a desert. it is very sad. >> it is happening across a huge section of california rightúnfw.
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governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency. >> we have eight large fires around the state of california right now. >> the biggest is the massive station fire that scorched more than 85,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes and businesses. with at least 12,000 homes in jeopardy still, more than 2000 firefighters are struggling to protect what they can, bottling not only the flames, but their emotions as well. -- battling not only the flames but their emotions as well. two firefighters were killed when their vehicle rolled down a mountainside in the middle of the intense flames. >> everyone is grateful for their bravery and their great service and, of course, they are my heroes. >> heroes locked in a blaze that continues to track -- to burn out of control. >> there are concerns that conditions could get out of -- even worse. santa ana winds, which have been still at this point, could begin
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to fan the flames as early as this evening. >> back here at home now, quite a mess in southeast baltimore. a truck carrying some 67,000 pounds of great use overturned. that happened just before noontime on austin street and on the street. several areas street had to be closed off. no word tonight on any charges. >> up next, how yoga is linked to less weight gain. >> and women living with a painful condition. were they often avoid the activities that could help them. -- why they often avoid the activities that could help them. >> we have found so much cheaper alternatives to coffee and bottled water. gre>> and the latest on the deah of former baltimore ravens steve mcnair. there are some that do not believe
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>> breaking news right now, a fire burning in baltimore county. we are over the scene. >> the 2000 blockç of frames road, the baltimore county fire department working right now. it would be in the north part of the district of baltimore
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county. have the full -- heavy flames coming from the roof right now. they're shooting at high into the air. right now, fire groups are in the process of trying to make an aggressive attack to see if anyone is injured. it is not under control right now we will update you as it progresses. >> some new video has the merged schuring the man convicted in the lockerbie bombing 21 years ago line in a libyan hospital bed. he was recently released from prison by scottish officials on compassionate grounds. the video showed al-megrahi, who was dying of cancer, laying in a bed. meanwhile, the british government continues to deny rumors that economic considerations, in particular a recent deal for oil, have any
5:16 pm
impact on the decision. >> i had no power to say to the libyans, we would like to deal with you and well and we will bring out about the release of mr. matte -- al-megrahi. it was not in the jurisdiction of the u.k. government. even if it had been, we would not have struck the deal. >> in tonight's medical alert, and new studies suggest that 60% of adults do not have the ability to properly digest milk. lactose intolerance is what is called. it has a lot to do with your ancestors. researchers say genetic mutation developed in europe about 7500 years ago allowed them to continue drinking milk as an adult. on about 5% of asians and one- quarter of african-american and
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caribbean people can tolerate milk. it is almost nonexistent among native american people curato. a painful condition after surgery, it is kind of a blockage. it is usually from breast cancer patients. it does not hurt women who may have had lymphedema and it may just help them. >> jackie cooper was an exercise fanatic before she was diagnosed with breast cancer for nine years ago. she had a double mastectomy -- 4. five years ago. should a double mastectomy and it started showing early signs of lymphedema accurate >> it looks like a line underneath arms when he would stretch the arm of. >> the program manager for the
5:18 pm
cancer care senitcenter say that women with lymphedema avoid exercise. >> limit think that they can never live more than 5 to 10 pounds, cannot -- when men think that they can never left more than 5 to 10 pounds, cannot carry groceries, their children. it can do all those things if they do it carefully. >> exercising with waits does not cause any harm. >> we have found a benefit from exercise. the menu actually strengthen their month -- their muscles actually have fewer exacerbation of the lymphedema us in terms. >> the key is slowly getting training. jackie is back to her usual exercise routine and sometimes she still wears the protective sleeve that she wore a lot in the beginning and keeps an eye on that hand and arm. >> i make sure that it is the same size, check my rings said they are not too tight. i look at my skin to be sure
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that the town is not any different. >> and if she sees any swelling -- >> that tells me that i need to get back into more therapy. >> that is the key to managing the kadima, keeping a close eye on yourself and the moment you see symptoms, do something about them. a new study has found that during our participants as -- that yoga participants do not suffer as much boredom or çdepression and helped people t gain as much right as others. -- gain as much weight as others. >> a few sprinkles, but most spots have been beautiful. late summer, almost fall-like conditions across the region.
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a little bit of light rain coming off of the eastern shore. satellite imagery shows a gradual clearing trend underway as high pressure builds in from the west. as the night goes on, the state will clear out. these are actually morning lows this morning. it was 49 this morning in detroit. 42 up around northern michigan. 36 degrees at international falls in northern minnesota. the winds have been coming out of the north into the atlantic. we are likely to have a very cool day tomorrow. the first day of september will feel like fall. 72 @ b.w.i. marshawmarshall. the dewpoint is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.
5:21 pm
a lot of times in summer we can tell how much he is going to be by tracking the dewpoint. also, the doppler readings can give you a ball. -- ballpark estimate. i would not be surprised if some of the areas in the upper valley did in to the low 30 by -- low 30's by tomorrow morning. the record low for the first day of september, octomom morning, 53 degrees set back in 1963. the very possible we will get close to that out at b.w.i. marshall. high pressure is keeping the clouds along the shores. strong high pressure near chicago moves east and moves very slowly. that means several days of this cool, fall-like weather. high-pressure out of the midwest. it looks like it will rule the
5:22 pm
weather for most of the coming week. tomorrow, suny, northwest winds at 6-12. sunrise to mom morning at 6:35 a.m. the winds will be out of the north-northeast. reduce the temperature readings in the upper 70's at -- and low 80's. high tide for mergener at 5:27 a.m. -- four mchenrin mchenry. on up into delaware, sunny and breezy tamara, a few scattered clouds and wind up to 20-25 miles per hour. it will be windy along the coast to marra. sanney and 73 are around baltimore tomorrow.
5:23 pm
-- sunni and 73 around baltimore tamara. we're back to 80 on thursday and friday and the dry weather is going to extend into next week. >> we want to get an update on the working fire in a baltimore county. it looks like they have got a knock on it. >> they have pretty much gotten somewhat of a knock on it. the cut a will into the roof to get into the event. they have not found anyone injured inside as of yet, were trapped. -- or trapped. we still do not have any reports of injuries. a very aggressive attack trying to get this thing knocked out. >> thank you. at next, police in california are again searching the home of
5:24 pm
a registered sex offender. what a day looking for in said philippe dara doh's home after it -- philip gerardgarrido's ho? >> jalon now is comingç back to nbc in jest -- jay leno is coming back to nbc in two weeks. coming back to nbc in two weeks.
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>> police in the san francisco bay area are back at the home of a sex offender charged with kidnapping a young girl and keeping her prisoner for 18 years. >> police are now expanding the investigation and looking through philippe gerardphilip 's property. the >> investigators dug for clues in the yard next to where he was accused of imprisoning a girl for the past 18 years. >> he used that property. >> what did he use it for?
5:28 pm
officers are looking for any other evidence to other crimes, including some of the areas unsolved murders. >> we are just trying to see if there is any possible link between him and the open cases. it is too early to say. >> but we're learning about what life was like for jaycee dugard. police say she gave birth to two children. >> she never had a chance to be a teenager or anything other than his property. >> some in the community are shocked to learn that the man was sentenced to life in 1977 and another kidnap and rape case, but let out on parole 11 years later. >> the system failed d, more thn anybody or person, the system itself failed. >> monopolies have expanded
5:29 pm
their search to see if he had any more victims. >> tonight, eight family members are dead found inside a mobile home. >> gutknecht ramadi 911 call for help as their bodies were found çby a relative. >> -- up next, the 911 call for help as their bodies were found by relatives. >> more restaurants in baltimore city are closing
5:30 pm
they have alzheimer's and arthritis, diabetes and cancer. they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator ben cardin understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy in maryland. call senator cardin today. ask him to protect the 90,000 maryland jobs biomedical research provides and the hopes of patients everywhere. it's not just the future, it's life. >> the economy is taking a toll on restaurants over the -- all
5:31 pm
over the country as americans cut back on dining out. two more baltimore eateries that have been around and popular for years have closed up shop. customers are just not eating out in numbers sufficient to continue. >> it was just last week that the long established restaurant, the brass elephant, closed. >> the last day of business for blue sea grill on restaurant row was saturday. they also own babalu grelle, right next door, and they say babalu grelle's last day of business will be september 6. both have been in business for about five years. paul marcon is the america -- the president and ceo of the maryland restaurant association. >> we have pockets that are not doing as well as others, but overall, sales are basically flat. that is a testament to the
5:32 pm
industry, consumers of restaurants. >> they also owned ruth's chris steak house and the havana club. they're focusing all attention on their ruth's chris steak house and the havana club. >> some have decided they're not going to pursue other concepts and they have put all of their energies into a brand they think is working for them. it is just like being around the kitchen table and they're trying to make decisions that are the best for the company. >> many restaurants throughout the state are having to make hard businesses -- business decisions. >> if you have not been to your favorite local restaurant ladley, try going. their special things they're doing, products they are offering, working with suppliers. there are open to serve you. -- they are open to serve you.
5:33 pm
>> according to the national restaurant association, business has increased for the first time in three months. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories this hour. a man is dead after his boat collided with another on mowry creek. it happened at about 6:00 p.m. last night. richard hynson was pronounced dead at the scene. police are investigating. a new school year brings welcome news to administrators at the w. e. b. du bois high school. the school has been taken off of its persistent endangered -- dangerous list. last year, the federal department gave the school a $3.5 million grant to deal with the problem. two firefighters have been killed battling the massive
5:34 pm
wildfires in southern california. they were fighting flames from the so-çcalled station fire burning near los angeles when their vehicle ran down the hillside. so far, the fire hasínbp burned8 structures and burned 66 square miles in the national forest. crews are worried it will spread to a hilltop that is surrounded with dozens of tv and radio station transmitters. >> several bills are circulating on capitol no, but not one of them is the president's bill. what does he want from congress for the nation specifically? that question got out loud and clear today by republican roch -- bob dole. >> back from vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama is still on vacation in washington, making no major moves on health care.
5:35 pm
as the debate races on, this is near the white house today. former senate majority leader, republican bob dole says barack obama has to do more. >> yes to pick up and go with the leadership. he is the president. >> he says, mr. obama ought to come out with his own specific plan now. with a public plan or not, with a tax hike or not. >> many think he is trying to duck and then if it fails he will not be held responsible because he did not have a bill. that is not leadership. >> there is a rocket that is giving lawmakers cold feet about the change. >> if the president came out with his bill, the obama bill would drop everything. >> the white house reacted. >> to characterize the
5:36 pm
president has been inactive is inaccurate carried >> but the polls show his support is down 50%. >> the proponents do not have a single bill to rally around. >> a single health care reform bill that's bob dole says -- that bob dole says the president either needs to get out or get behind. >> a democrat tom daschle got in touch with us today and said he agrees with dole's advice. >> the state of massachusetts will hold a special election to [unintelligible] that came from massachusetts gov. deval patrick this afternoon.
5:37 pm
just days before his death, hannity wrote a letter requesting the lobby changed. >> and one homeowner gets a bright idea after its home was broken into. see what he did to try to catch the suspects. >> governor o'malley kicks off a holiday of sports. >> and tragedy inside a mobile >> and tragedy inside a mobile home
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>> of georgia authorities have released the recordings of 911 calls made from a mobile home park where several members of a family were murdered. seven people were found dead in a mobile home about 300 miles southeast of atlanta. and 8 person died in hospital and one remains in critical condition. demand related to the victims is behind bars. he is charged with evidence tampering and making false statements to the police. he has not been charged with murder. he is the person who made the
5:41 pm
initial calls to the authorities. >> my entire family is dead. >> tell me what is happening. >> i just got on and everybody is dead. -- got home and everybody is dead. >> how many people are there? >> there is like six, my whole family is dead. >> security cameras detail the break-in at an atlanta home last week, from the bus to been back door to the suspects rummaging around inside and their escape when the alarm goes off. the homan opposed to that video on-line and police, that game -- and police caught that gang. and the homeowners got most of their stuff back. >> police say steve mcnair was killed by his girlfriend, but some people do not believe the results of that investigation.
5:42 pm
>> and you may be surprised to find out who uses twitter most. here's a hand, it is not teenagers. >> we could steve blows down near record levels tonight. -- we could see lows down near
5:43 pm
rugs here is what we're working on at 6:00. we will get a -- new at 6:00, but giving details on the governors at amnesty program. çand tonight we will take you inside the new station format. that is when
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>> it may be the most complete picture yet of what happened to steve mcnair. the rashaya to get back in july. in candid conversations, -- he was shot to death back in july. in kennard conversationcandid ce is more. >> steve mcnair helped the tennessee titans to the 2000 super bowl. known for his courage on the field and his grace and charity off of it, he was 36, just a year into what looked to be a long and prosperous retirement. >from the moment that he was found murdered their uncomfortable questions. >> his female friend suffered one gunshot wound to the head. >> female friend? she was just 20 years old. >> she fell in love with him, if that is where you were asking. she was crazy about him. >> but steve mcnair was married.
5:46 pm
>> were you angry when you were the circumstances of his death? >> not angry, disappointed. >> how did this beloved and bridge the paid athlete -- athlete in just a few years -- and richly paid athlete in just a few years fall from the pinnacle of his career after retirement? how and why did the titan fall? >> the mysterious death of the titan airs tonight on dateline hiked -- on dateline at 10:00 p.m., followed by 11 news tonight. >> nabih insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer >> almost right on cue. we're about to step into september and for the next couple of nights could be record lows.
5:47 pm
today, afternoon readings for quite a bit below normal. 75 today down at b.w.i. marshall. the record high is still 82. sprinkled around baltimore this morning. skies continued to clear, high pressure building in from the north and west will push these clouds out. cool, if not cold temperatures this morning. no. lakes to the canadian border, 30's and low 40's. the winds have been coming out of the north all day long. afternoon readings are only ranging from the upper 60's to low 70's. one indication of how cool the night can be is the afternoon to the readings. this shows us how low the moisture is.
5:48 pm
-- the afternoon dewpoint readings. out in western maryland, though 40's. lil 50's in baltimore. we could see temperatures a fairly low tomorrow morning. clearing skies and a high pressure moving in. this is now pushing into the mid-atlantic. it willç produce nice weather here for several days. you can see the last of the clouds moving out. just a slight risk of showers popping up right on the beach tomorrow. same thing on wednesday and partly cloudy skies coming up from the south right into thursday. 76 tomorrow, beautiful sky. sunrise at 6:35 a.m. it will be chilly in the early morning.
5:49 pm
north-northeast winds at 10 to 15 knots on the bay. one to 2 foot waves. the next tropical storm may be trying to form. this area of deneen atlantic could become erika. -- out in the atlantic could become erika. two weather systems, although this looks a little more promising for development. in the meantime, high-pressure, fall-like weather, beautiful conditions. 70-373 timarron. afternoon readings around 80 -- 70 to 73 tomorrow. afternoon readings around 80. >> you may be overpaying for everyday items and wi-fi may not be as popular on flights as first thought. we have tonight consumer alert.
5:50 pm
>> just because an airline offers wi-fi does not mean folks are using it. more than 500 aircraft are flying with the ability to connect to computers or other devices. news of the internet and other similar services dropped off dramatically when people have to pay for the access. are you overpaying for everyday items? just think about all of the things that you buy today, coffee, snacks, and that is not all. >> let's begin with bottled water. by one a day and it adds up. the average u.k. is $1.50. -- the average u.k. is $1.50. -- the average that you pay is
5:51 pm
$1.50. $3 for this drink. if i did that every day, it would be nearly $1,100. if you want the high dollar flavor, try this -- splurge on a bag of gourmet coffee for $8. you can't make -- you can make cups at 20 cents each. $4 in fees if i did that at my bank once a week. i would be more than $200 in atm fees each year. selected bank with a large atm network or an online account that reimburses your fees. another option, get cash back at the grocery store. it south makes it a safe time, but compare the cost. this is less than a dollar. for an afternoon snack, choose a
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protein are like one of these and healthier alternative to chocolate. look at the ingredients. 31 grams of sugar in the protein are. the chocolate actually has a little less and cost less. stock up on fruits and vegetables to step on and you will save even more money and stay fit. >> ideas on how to stop overpaying for items are on our website. talking about the bottled water, nothing about what you are paying. makers of bottled water are stepping up their efforts to revive stagnant sales -- stagnant sales. customers have stopped buying bottled water since the recession began. analysts say the cost of bottled water could fall even further. >> who is behind twitters
5:53 pm
popularity? it might not be what you think. only 11% of twitter users are ages 12 to 17. young teens are only 14% of myspace, 9% of facebook users. çand that is tonight's consumer alert. >> facebook is making some changes to protect your privacy. the details are on the consumer alert page of also, one of baltimore's high- profile teachers has taken on a new job. daytime emmy awards have been handed out to sea -- anti-u.s 1, go to our website and
5:54 pm
click on -- and to see who has won, go to our website and click on entertainment. >> the o's and taxes to the state of maryland? now maybe the time to pay out. details coming up at 6:00. >> we have a lot of correspondence, a lot of young people. >> comedian jay leno is taking on a new
5:55 pm
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>> the jay leno returned to nbc2 weeks from tonight. >> he will host in at the comedy show at 10:00 every night. >> we talked about the elements that will carry over from the tonight show. you said you have to come up with all brand new element? >> we have a lot of correspondence, a lot of young comics. a lot of young people going out and filling their own pieces and bring them into laws. we did -- built in racetrack next to the studio we have these electric modified cars. we will be having a contest to
5:58 pm
see the fastest green celebrity is. we will put them in a car and watch them race around, swear, get mad, run into a tree or whenever. ç-- what ever. >> how much attention to you paid to the fact that you'll be carrying the station going into the fall? >> cadott note that is true, but i just -- i do not know that is true, but i just work here. whenever you want, you know -- what ever you want, you know. >> has this been a reinvigorating process for you? >> when you have your own show for so many years to do tend to get in a rut. we are to take this one in a different direction. >> the jay leno show appears on
5:59 pm
monday, september 14 at 10:00. >> a two-month the state tax holiday begins tomorrow. qualify? tonight, we're learning about the victim and the investigation. >> these brand-new fifth graders are getting ready to head into the computer lab. it will tell you how it went, straight ahead. >> we begin with breaking news. a serious accident in chase, baltimore county. >> eastern avenue just south of girls road, at least three vehicles, possibly four. but right now we know that five people are injured here. people are injured here.

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